Yoga is a traditional and cultural science of India. It is nearly 5,000-10,000 years old. It is considered both as an art as well as science from the past till now. It is an ancient practice evolved by the sages of India. It consists of eight stages of development in a step by step manner. It effects all the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of our life.  Yoga is a physical system with a spiritual basis.

“Yoga” or “Yog” is a Sanskrit word which derives its origin from the root word “Yuj”. It has two main meanings—union (yujyati) and concentration (samadhau). In the sense of union, it means to combine, connect or join together the individual soul with the universal soul. The second sense of concentration means complete control over one’s senses and reach the state of  pure awareness(Samadhi). It is one of the six great philosophies (shad darshans) of India. It is an ancient system of philosophy, lifestyle and techniques that helps in evolving the whole personality of a person.