Yoga is the physical, mental, social and spiritual disciplined way of life. It is a way and view of life. Its philosophy and its practices aim at a balancing the different dimensions of human personality like mind, body and spirit. The main aim of yoga is to attain self-realization (moksha, kaivalya or nirvana) it is a state in which one is completely free from all  miseries and sufferings of life. Yoga has many benefits in improving the overall quality of our life. The basic goal of yoga is gain balance and control in one’s life, to free oneself from all kinds of anxieties and stress and to provide a state of calmness. It comes from the regular practice of yogic asanas and pranayama or the breathing practices. The practice of yogic asanas help to overcome the limitations of the body. Yoga helps in reorienting and renewing the body both from inside and outside. It also relaxes the mind from all the ill effects of our modern life.